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This oil is obtained from Niger plant seeds. The plant is a herb that grows annually and is cultivated for its edible seeds. The shape of these seeds resembles those of sunflower, but Niger seeds are smaller and black in color. This plant was originally cultivated in the Ethiopian highlands (1). However, nowadays it is also cultivated in other countries around the world, including Africa, Mexico, Germany, Brazil, Nepal, India as well as other parts of Southeast Asia. It is growing in popularity all over the world due to its richness in various essential nutrients.

5 Amazing Benefits Of Niger Seed Oil

1. Olive Oil Substitute
Niger seed oil is a great alternative to olive oil. It can also be used by combining with linseed oil for extra flavor. The taste of the oils, when mixed, is great, making it good for everything including salad dressings.

2. Treats Skin Conditions
This oil is a wonderful remedy for different skin conditions. It is used to treat problems related to the skin such as scabies, burns, etc. It is also used for the effective treatment of syphilis.

3. Rich In Minerals
Your body requires many essential nutrients to function properly and remain healthy. Niger seed oil has a rich content of minerals such as calcium, zinc, magnesium, sodium, potassium, as well as traces of copper which are important for health.

4. Relieves Aches And Pains
As mentioned above, Niger seed oil is often used for massages. This is because it has therapeutic properties that make it an effective reliever of aches and pains, as well as a number of other skin problems.

5. Fantastic Adulterant
Niger seed oil works very well with other oils. It can be used to adulterate other oils such as sesame and rapeseed among many others. The great thing is that it gives off a great flavor even when it is mixed with other oils.
It is evident that the seeds of the Niger plant have numerous uses. However, if you are using Niger seed oil in your kitchen, it is important to remember that it has a very short shelf life and becomes rancid if you store it for too long.
Niger seeds are also used to feed birds and cattle. With so many Niger seed oil health benefits and uses, it is no wonder that these seeds are growing in popularity everywhere.